Seminar Internasional


No Nama Judul Makalah Forum Tahun
1 ADHI MAHENDRA Virtual Sensor for Time Series Prediction of Hydrogen Safety Parameter in Degussa Sintering Furnace International Conference on Information Technolog, Computer and Elecrical Eneineerins 2015 2015
2 AGUS SURYA SADANA W Public Perception of Visual Quality of Cur Mutia Mosque Park as Public Space in Jakarta  The 16th International Conference on Green Technology 2015
3 ANE PRASETYOWATI R Infrared Heather Controller on Dryer Cocoa Beans Machine Based on Fuzzy Logic Quality in Research Conference Tahun 2015 2015
4 AR INDRA TJAHJANI The Selection of Type Pavement Road Condition Based Regional District using Analitycal Hierarchy Process (AHP) application ICIE-TMA Internasional 2015
5 BENEDICTUS HELPRIS ESTASWARA Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC): Extended Version or New Idea? GAI International Academic Conferences 2015
6 CHAERANI NISA Balancing Sustainable Growth and Macroeconomic Stability 9th International Conference Journal of Monetary Economic and Banking 2015
7 CHARYNA AYU RIZKYANTI The Role of Emphaty on Behavioral and Emotional Strength among Islamic Preschoolers: Parents as respondents   The 2nd International Conference on Islamic Psychology (ICONIPSY) 2015
8 DEVI ROZA KRISNANDHI K Linking Interpretation With Amenities: Educating Visitors in Vulcanic Environments Tropical Tourism Outlook Conference 2015
9 DEVI ROZA KRISNANDHI K Revitalizing Tourism in the Heritage Land of Toraja: Planning as A Process Tropical Tourism Outlook Conference 2015
10 DINO RIMANTHO Integrating Six Sigma Method on Solid Waste Management in DKI Jakarta Seminar International Conference on Industrial Engineering Theory, Methodology and Application (ICIE-TMA) 2015 2015

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